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Guided by the objective of turning Hongyu a world brand of a century’s standing and carrying out innovative development for green agricultural machinery, we have been making arduous effort over the past 60 years. Now Hongyu has become the largest manufacturer of tractor lifter and distributor in China.   


The times is advancing, the market is changing, and businesses are developing. All our staff, with the spirit of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence, will grasp the general trend of development and advance with the times to march toward a new day. Shouldering the bounden duty of revitalizing the national agricultural equipment manufacturing and following the operation concept of “market need comes first, based on technological development and focus on quality control” and the core values of “make our clients and employees successful and strive for mutually beneficial cooperation”, we have been continuously boosting technical innovation, structuring adjustment and meticulous management so as to turn Hongyu into a base for the development and manufacturing of large and medium tractor hydraulic lifters and an export base,  to become a tractor hydraulic lifter brand of world renown and to open up the international market.


Hongyu will strive for continuous development. When faced with the chances and challenges from the economic development, great transformation, and revolution at home and abroad, we shall conform to the trend of world’s economic development and of industrial change and keep raising Hongyu’s industrial position and international competitiveness with a broader vision of the world, fulfill our corporate social responsibility voluntarily, and keep creating value for shareholders so as to achieve a mutually beneficially cooperation with our clients and to make more contributions to the country and the society.


Looking back on the old days, we are most gratified by the memorable years. Looking to the future, we are greatly inspired by a bright prospect. Here I would like to express my gratitude to leaders of all fields and business peers for your support and trust all along. With our great enthusiasm, spirit of dedication, excellent service and superior products, we sincerely look forward to cooperating with you toward a road of development, success and brilliance.


General Manager: Liu Qiujie