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Our company undertakes the production and processing of casting 
Shandong Hongyu Agricultural Machinery Inc (formerly known as Shandong Hongyu Machinery Co., Ltd.) is China’s largest manufacture that engages in the production of large and medium horse-power tractor hydraulic lifters. Our company integrates researching, development, casting, processing, sale and service and is rated as high-tech enterprise of Shandong Province. So far we are equipped with the following equipment.
1. Four 5-ton electric furnaces and two 3-ton electric furnaces which can cast various types of gray iron and ductile iron; 
2. One chamber machine moulding line; the dimension of sand box: 1000*800*300; annual capacity: 25,000 tons; capable of producing 1-300kg casting of all sizes; it is characterized by compact and even sand shape, high precision for the casting’s appearance, quality and dimension and capable of producing various excellent complicated casting; it is characterized by accurate shape and dimension
One lost foam casting line; the dimension of sand box: 1400*1400*1400; annual capacity: 10,000 tons; capable of producing 3-400kg casting of all sizes; it is characterized by accurate shape and dimension, fine finishing. Negative pressure casting is much better for shape forming and contracting compensation, which also improves the tissue density.
3. Ten hot-box core shooters; 
4. Our test devices include test equipment for moulding sand and core sand, Brunel’s machine, Rockwell apparatus, Vickers, spectrograph, furnace analyzer, temperature gun etc.
5. Our processing equipment includes 24 vertical machining centers (processing range: 850*500*500mm, tool magazine with 24 stations), 11 horizontal processing centers (processing range: 1000*800*800mm; tool magazine with 24 stations).
Our company has over 50 professional personnel including professional ingredients engineers, senior stylists, mould engineers, chemists, quality controllers, etc. We have professional staff who will control all the aspects, such as material purchase, mould development, product moulding and production, cleaning and delivery. All the processes have undergone strict program control before finishing. Furthermore, we have complete cleaning and test facilities and our product quality is stable.
Our moulding production line has the monthly production capacity of 1,200 tons / month, and we can undertake the following tasks.  
1. Workblank casting of 1-300kg gray iron pieces and nodular iron casting of various plates; 
2. Processing on workblank of 1-300kg gray iron pieces and nodular iron casting of various plates; 
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