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Company 2017 annual meeting and 2016 summary of the work was held in recognition of the general assembly

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The newspaper news (correspondent Zhao Lei Yang Jing) Fu monkey wind old words, Golden Rooster Qitai spring. Bid farewell to the achievements of 2016, we ushered in the hope of the 2017. On the afternoon of January 24th, Shandong Hongyu agricultural machinery Limited by Share Ltd held a grand "innovation, refinement, upgrade" as the theme of the 2017 annual meeting and summary of the work of the general assembly in 2016.

Liu Qiujie, general manager of the 2016 annual summary report

The event is held, in the past year development review also indicates that Hong Yu will usher in a new agricultural mileage, will draw the blueprint for a more brilliant and magnificent!

First of all, is the annual awards ceremony, deputy general manager of the company, comrade Zhang Lijie read the "recognition of the company in 2016 advanced workers, advanced units and the decision of the model workers". Subsequently, the award-winning units and individuals ordered to accept the award. Company executives for advanced individuals and advanced units issued a certificate of honor and medals, and with a wealth of prizes to reward the production line and various departments of outstanding staff. All the staff of the company for the award of the best staff presented the most sincere congratulations and warm applause.

Zhang Lijie, deputy general manager of the production of the Reading Award

In the past year, the company's sales performance by leaps and bounds; the company highly educated and skilled employees gradually increase; professional team is also gradually formed, all cannot do without the correct leadership of the company executives and all employees to work hard. Liu Qiujie, general manager of the company in the annual work report, a detailed summary of the company's development over the past year, the difficulties faced by the achievements. The year 2016 is a year for us to be proud of, so that we can challenge ourselves and surpass ourselves. We are in the market for the waves of the forge ahead in the competition stride forward singing militant songs, the blade, with exciting achievements wrote a song of Hong Yu people's heroic hymn!

Executive vice president Lv Guilin presided over the meeting

Annual meeting site full of warmth and excitement, the company all the staff recalled all the way along the progress of a profound experience of hard struggle, the joy of success, the feelings of gratitude to help colleagues, leadership trust. Liu, general manager of the 2017 planning blueprint, sounded the future, ready to break into the March, we all staff to unite as one, work hard to achieve the dream!

Finally, the company leadership team to the award-winning individuals and units expressed sincere congratulations and posed for a photo!

Company leaders and model workers photo





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