Polish the “window” of information disclosure and tighten the “bond” of investor relations

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A series of promotional articles on the special action for investor Protection of “Honest and trustworthy as a respected listed company”

Polish the “window” of information disclosure and tighten the “bond” of investor relations

In 2019, the SFC issued the “Action Plan to Promote the Improvement of the Quality of Listed Companies”, which proposes to improve the quality of listed companies in seven aspects, the first of which is "guided by investor needs and improve the effectiveness of information disclosure."In recent years, ZOSE Media Co., Ltd. has continuously improved the quality of information disclosure, established an effective investor communication mechanism, and made every effort to protect the right of investors, especially small and medium-sized investors, to know and other legitimate rights and interests.

Information disclosure is the “window” for listed companies to show their companies to investors.Through regular reports and temporary announcements, listed companies disclose the company's financial status, operating results, major matters and other information, which affects investors' judgment of the company's development prospects and also affects the company's market value in the field of capital. It can be said that “information disclosure is nothing trivial.”

After accumulating long-term experience in information disclosure, we have summarized three points of experience and experience in doing a good job in information disclosure.First, continue to learn laws, regulations and regulatory policies, enrich one's own knowledge reserves, and strengthen policy supervision capabilities.“Learning is not to explore its flowers, but to extricate itself from its roots”, and only by eating the rules thoroughly can it be accurately practiced in practice.The second is to implement the internal reporting procedures for major information to ensure that the company's major information is transmitted to the company's information disclosure centralized department as soon as possible.Ensure that the information disclosure centralized department can quickly gather and effectively manage the company's major information, and then disclose it to investors in a timely, accurate, comprehensive and complete manner.Third, actively participate in exchange activities between listed companies.“The stone of his mountain can attack jade”, through mutual experience exchange and experience sharing, learn from each other's strengths and continuously improve the level of information disclosure.

If information disclosure is a one-way information transmission, then investor relations management has built a two-way communication “link” between the company and investors.In the actual operation process, we interact with investors from three aspects.

First of all, listen to investors' inquiries by phone and email.We are equipped with dedicated personnel to answer and receive investor calls and letters, and to reflect investors' demands to the company's management truthfully and as soon as possible.When encountering emotional investors, after listening, we will carefully explain the company's basic operating situation, help investors understand the company's business development strategy, and guide investors with positive information to appease investors' emotions.Through full and effective communication and interaction with investors, build a win-win relationship of trust with investors.

Secondly, pay attention to the interaction with investors on the Internet.We set up an investor relations section on the company's official website to update the company's stock trends and company announcements in real time, and set up an email for consultation and suggestions.Continue to publish company news and business conditions through the company's official website to help investors continuously and in-depth understand the company's situation.In addition, we pay attention to “SSE E-Interaction” and other online public opinion, and promptly reply to investors' questions on “SSE E-interaction”.For the issues, suggestions and public opinion that investors are generally concerned about, they will be passed on to the company's management in a timely manner and brought to the attention of the management.For false information such as rumors that have not caused a significant impact, we will understand the facts through a smooth internal communication mechanism, quickly unite the company's legal affairs and offices, reply and clarify in a timely manner, eliminate investors' doubts, and protect investors' interests.

Finally, for individual investors who need to communicate directly with the company's management, we will also provide investors with the opportunity to communicate directly with the management through activities such as online investor exchanges organized by the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

It has been 23 years since ZOSE Media was established in 1997. Since its establishment, we have strictly followed the “Company Law”, “Securities Law” and other relevant regulations, and attached great importance to information disclosure. It has received "good" and "excellent" evaluations in the information disclosure evaluations of the Shanghai Stock Exchange over the years. There has never been a situation where we have been held accountable by regulatory authorities, and we have established a good image in the capital market.At the same time, we attach great importance to the return to shareholders, especially to small and medium-sized investors. In the 23 years since we went public, we have insisted on dividends, and we have paid dividends 19 times and 15 consecutive years.In the future, we will continue to polish the “window” of information disclosure, tighten the “link” of investor relations management, and continuously improve the quality of the company with an attitude of integrity and self-discipline.


Zose Media Co., Ltd.

Secretariat of the Board of Directors

May 12, 2020